|| . . . medfield, massachusetts . . . || . . . 2021 . . . ||

Farthest Star Sake will be the only sake brewery + taproom between Brooklyn and Toronto when it opens in Medfield, Massachusetts, spring 2021. Unlike mass-produced sake served hot to disguise its underwhelming flavor, fresh, high-quality sake is an explosion of aroma and flavor that makes you wonder how so much could be hidden in rice. We are excited to share the never-ending pursuits of drinking and making sake with you!
Founder/brewer Todd Bellomy is working as a sake + beer industry consultant while developing and building out Farthest Star Sake. Todd grew up in a small town in Maine and has always looked toward the horizon. He has a life-long love of science fiction and adventure. Todd has many years of alcohol and restaurant industry experience. He is a sake brewer versed in all aspects of running a sake brewery and holds certifications as a Cicerone and Sake Advisor. Once upon a time, he lived in Japan, visited izakaya, and worked as a sword maker's apprentice and English teacher. Todd loves great sake--making it, drinking it, and introducing people to it.