We were fortunate to partner with Todd on a complete reset of the Sake section of our store. This involved changing out old stock, repositioning the Sake section in the store, and ordering more approachable styles and package sizes. Following these changes our Natick location has made more revenue from Sake then ever before.

Leah Santo, Co-owner | Dion’s Fine Wine
When we started to consider who we would want to represent us at tastings and events when our staff's schedule is full, we immediately thought of Todd. Mr. Bellomy is a craft beer fan, is extremely likeable, has a vast knowledge about craft beer and specifically our products, and most importantly Todd is very reliable. It's a pleasure and a privilege to know that Todd is in a store somewhere representing our brewery at tastings and events.

Matthew Steinberg, Co-Founder /
Head Brewer | Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company
Todd has been representing our brand at numerous retail store tastings and festivals. He is always a pleasure to work with, reliable, independent and extremely responsible. The customers love him and he sells a ton of beer. I couldn't recommend the guy more highly!.

Phil Bannatyne, Owner | Cambridge Brewing Company